Shire Bradley Log Cabin - Boarded Doors, FSC® Certified

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Shire Bradley Log Cabin - Boarded Doors, FSC® Certified
Pictures 1 and 2 show the standard 7'x7' log cabin. Picture 3 shows what may be achieved using coloured preservatives.


These substantial garden sheds are available in 7'x7' (2.09x2.09m), 8'x8' (2.39x2.39m), 9'x9' (2.69x2.69m) or 10'x10' (2.99x2.99m). All timber is FSC® certified. Features include 19mm thick wall logs, an opening Georgian window and ledged, braced and framed double doors. The floor and roof are attractive and durable tongued and grooved boards. Detailed instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly. We offer fitting as a low cost option in many areas.

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  • All timber used in the construction of this product originates from sustainable forests
  • Only the products described as FSC are FSC Mix 70%, certificate code INT-COC-003944, licence number FSC-C109654
  • To verify our FSC membership visit the FSC Member Search and search for Summer Garden (full name "Summer Garden and Leisure Buildings Ltd")
  • Scandinavian redwood or whitewood
  • 19mm thick tongued and grooved wall logs
  • 10mm thick tongued and grooved roof boards (finished size after machining)
  • 10mm thick tongued and grooved floor boards (finished size after machining)
  • 70mm x 45mm planed roof purlins
  • 62mm x 34mm pressure treated floor joists (lifetime preservative treatment)
  • Morticed and tenoned joinery doors and windows
  • Single glazed horticultural glass included
  • Double doors with piano style continuous safety hinge and padbolt
  • Doors external size 1.41m wide x 1.76m high (4'8" x 5'9")
  • Doors internal size 1.36m wide x 1.63m high (4'6" x 5'4")
  • 1 opening side window
  • Window external size 0.7m wide x 0.95m high (2'4" x 3'1")
  • Window internal size 0.63m wide x 0.85m high (2'1" x 2'9")
  • Green mineral felted roof
  • Eaves height approximately 6'3" (1.9m)
  • Ridge height maximum 8'2" (2.5m)

2.09m x 2.09m log cabin

  • External cabin width 2.09m (6'10")
  • External cabin depth 2.09m (6'10")
  • Minimum base width 1.9m (6'3")
  • Minimum base depth 1.9m (6'3")

2.39m x 2.39m log cabin

  • External cabin width 2.39m (7'10")
  • External cabin depth 2.39m (7'10")
  • Minimum base width 2.2m (7'3")
  • Minimum base depth 2.2m (7'3")

2.69m x 2.69m log cabin

  • External cabin width 2.69m (8'10")
  • External cabin depth 2.69m (8'10")
  • Minimum base width 2.5m (8'3")
  • Minimum base depth 2.5m (8'3")

2.99m x 2.99m log cabin

  • External cabin width 2.99m (9'10")
  • External cabin depth 2.99m (9'10")
  • Minimum base width 2.8m (9'2")
  • Minimum base depth 2.8m (9'2")

LOG CABINS - THE BENEFITS: Log cabins are popular for many reasons, especially as a comfortable garden room to sit and relax in but also as a workshop or heavy duty storage shed. On the outside cabins have a chunky look and feel. On the inside, with no internal framework, the clean lines look smarter than the inside of a traditional shed or summerhouse. In addition, the wall logs are thicker than the shiplap cladding used in traditional sheds and summerhouses, which provides better insulation. If you want the option of winter use we recommend floor and roof insulation, which is difficult to fit retrospectively so it needs to be fitted with the cabin. We offer low price insulation packs complete with fixings and instructions. Where available, double glazing also improves the insulation especially if the cabin has a large glazed area. Another significant benefit of log cabins is that you get more wood for your money when compared with a traditional shed or summerhouse or garden office. With no prefabricated wall panels a log cabin requires less production time.

FULLY INTERLOCKING LOG CORNERS: These traditionally made log cabins feature interlocking corner logs. Each wall log is precisely machined and notched out to ensure a strong and weatherproof joint. The first log is laid at the bottom and the rest slot into each other, working upwards one log at a time. No screws or nails are required which makes installation easier and also allows for timber movement. The finished corner assembly is not only immensely strong but also weatherproof and draughtproof. If possible cabins with interlocking logs should be treated after assembly. Treating the logs on site before fitting requires considerable care. If swollen the precision milled joints may not slot together.

NATURAL WOOD: First, high grade timber is dried in kilns until it reaches the optimum moisture content, then it is planed smooth and machined into tongued and grooved logs and boards. Next the logs are precisely machined at the ends to ensure a precise fit. Finally, each cabin is carefully packed and wrapped. When you unwrap it the wood is untreated. We recommend treating it only after the cabin has been successfully installed and ideally within a week or two. Treating the logs before fitting may cause the wood to swell up and the logs may not fit together correctly. If you are fitting your cabin in a restricted space where future access will be difficult you can stain the logs during installation by reaching down a few logs at a time as you fit them.

SCANDINAVIAN REDWOOD OR WHITEWOOD: The most widely used timber in the UK for years, Scandinavian Redwood and Whitewood grow in the well managed forests of Scandinavia and the coldest parts of Northern Europe. The cold climate ensures slow growth. The growth rings are much closer together than faster growing trees from warmer climates. As a result the timber is heavy and durable with a close grain pattern. The wood is seasoned and kiln dried to achieve the correct moisture content before it is machined. Redwood and Whitewood are so similar in appearance and performance that it is difficult to tell the difference. Both are classified as slightly durable and treatment is required for outside use. The forests of Scandinavia and Northern Europe have been responsibly managed on a sustainable basis for centuries so Scandinavian Redwood or Whitewood is an enviromentally friendly choice.

FSC® CERTIFIED TIMBER: By choosing this product, you are supporting responsible management of the world's forests. This product is FSC certified. Our FSC licence number is FSC-C109654. Our FSC chain of custody certificate code is INT-COC-003944. To verify our membership visit FSC Member Search and search for Summer Garden (full name "Summer Garden and Leisure Buildings Ltd"). Please note if you want a genuine FSC certified product it must include a valid FSC claim, which must include a valid licence number and/or certificate code from a genuine FSC member. It must also be described as FSC 100% or FSC Mix Credit or FSC Mix 70%. Claims that "we use FSC timber" or "our suppliers are FSC certified" are dishonest, because the FSC certifies products and not suppliers. If the claim is invalid the timber is not FSC certified.

ABOUT THE FSC®: The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council is a non profit organization which promotes responsible forest management throughout the world. Since 1994 the FSC has certified over 190 million acres of forest in over 80 countries. The FSC confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers but also sustains economic viablility. FSC certification ensures that forests are responsibly managed by protecting plant and animal species, the rights of indigenous people and the safety of forest workers. FSC chain of custody certification verifies that FSC-certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified and non-controlled material at every step throughout the supply chain.

SIZES - LENGTH AND WIDTH: Sizes are sometimes rounded to the nearest nominal size for ease of reading but the correct external wall sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the length. The width refers to the angled gable walls at the front and rear including the door wall. The length refers to the side walls. The sizes listed are the external wall sizes. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger. All sizes are approximate.

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