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Malvern, Shire, Rowlinson and Lugarde

Garden Rooms, Log Cabins, Gazebos and Summerhouses

Featuring the Malvern Cottage Range and the Malvern Traditional Collection

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SEE THE FULL CHOICE IN YOUR LOCAL AREA . . . We deliver summerhouses and log cabins throughout the UK but many of our best bargains are only available regionally. We also offer local fitting and base laying. CLICK HERE to enter the FIRST HALF of your postcode e.g. AB12.


Malvern Newland Corner Summerhouse
Large Panes, Double Door
4 sizes eg 7'x7' £1,744, 9'x9' £2,280, 10'x10' £2,628
  • Optional same day installation
  • Includes delivery
Malvern Hanbury Hipped Gazebo
Pressure Treated
13 sizes eg 8'x10' £2,592, 10'x12' £3,500, 12'x14' £4,280
  • Optional same day installation
  • Includes delivery
Malvern Gazebo Octagonal Summerhouse
5 sizes eg 6'x6' £1,624, 8'x6' £2,160, 10'x10' £3,764
  • Optional same day installation
  • Includes delivery

The Malvern Collection of Traditional Summerhouses feature cedar and pressure treated timber summerhouses with Georgian or leaded glazing. We deliver the Malvern Collection throughout the UK. Installation is available as an option. The Malvern Scandinavian features an apex roof and the Malvern Mamble features a pent roof. The Malvern Martley and the Malvern Nordic are designed to fit in a corner. Other designs include the octagonal Malvern Gazebo and the hipped roof Malvern Tudor. The Malvern Garden Studio is a high quality summerhouse or garden office with a pent or apex roof.

We also deliver the Malvern Cottage Range throughout the UK. The Malvern Cottage range of cedar summerhouses are available fully lined inside. Other options include double glazing and insulation. These top of the range, high quality summerhouses feature cedar cladding with optional coloured paint treatment inside and outside. The Clifton and the Harwood are corner summerhouses. The Astwood is a magnificent tradional summerhouse with an apex roof. The Hopton is octagonal in a range of sizes with cedar roof shingles. The Ashton features a hipped roof with cedar roof shingles. The Stretton features a lower profile pent roof.


Shire Barclay Corner Summerhouse
Double Door
2 sizes, 7'x7' £576, 7'x7' £713
  • Includes delivery
  • Clearance price fixed until 28th Feb!
Shire Hexagonal Summerhouse
one size, 6'x7' £723
  • Includes delivery
  • ULTRA LOW PRICE until 28th Feb!
Shire Kensington Summerhouse
Apex Roof, Double Door
one size, 7'x7' £605
  • Includes delivery
  • Special low price fixed until 28th Feb

Shire Summerhouses feature joinery doors and windows with glass and shiplap cladding with planed timber framing at affordable prices. We deliver Shire summerhouses throughout the UK. The Shire Chatsworth features an apex roof with a single door. The Shire Buckingham, the Shire Westminster and the Shire Kensington feature an apex roof with double doors. The Shire Hampton is a popular corner summerhouse. The Shire Hexagonal Summerhouse is fully enclosed while the Shire Hexagonal Gazebo is open with no doors or windows. Shire summerhouses are designed for easy DIY assembly with detailed fitting instructions.


Shire Twyford Log Cabin
Integral Porch
7 sizes eg 12'x13' £2,444, 12'x15' £2,674, 14'x16' £3,398
  • Optional installation
  • Includes delivery
  • Clearance price fixed until 28th Feb!
Shire Hatfield Log Cabin
8 sizes eg 12'x13' £2,256, 14'x15' £2,781, 14'x19' £3,084
  • Optional installation
  • Includes delivery
Shire Firestone Log Cabin
Three Rooms
one size, 13'x17' £5,429
  • Optional installation
  • Includes delivery

Shire Log Cabins are available in a wide range of sizes with a choice of 28mm, 34mm, 45mm and 70mm thick logs. We deliver Shire log cabins throughout the UK. Classic apex roof designs include the Shire Clipstone and the Shire Hale. Other apex roof cabins with low level glazing include the Shire Epping and the Shire Argyll. More elaborate designs include the Shire Marlborough with large pane modern glazing and the Shire Ardcastle corner cabin. Other contemporary designs include cabins with an integral porch such as the Shire Twyford and the Shire Elvedon and multi room cabins such as the Shire Firestone and the Shire Keilder.


Rowlinson Arley Summerhouse
Verandah, Double Door
one size, 7'x10' £863
  • Includes delivery
Rowlinson Chatsworth Summerhouse
4 Pane Folding Doors
one size, 8'x6' £1,153
  • Includes delivery
Rowlinson Octagonal Summerhouse 8x8
Double Door
one size, 8'x8' £1,388
  • Includes delivery

Rowlinson Summerhouses are attractive and affordable with hinged doors and Georgian style glazing with glass. Other features include shiplap cladding and planed framing. The Rowlinson Eaton and the Rowlinson Arley feature an apex roof. The Rowlinson Arley also includes a verandah. The Rowlinson Chatsworth features a hipped roof and 4 pane bi-fold folding doors. Rowlinson octagonal summerhouses are also offered in two sizes.

Rowlinson Log Cabins feature 28mm thick wall logs with Georgian glazing and a tongued and grooved floor and roof. The Rowlinson Baltic includes a spacious verandah and felt tiles. The Rowlinson Kestrel corner cabin features double doors and felt tiles. We deliver Rowlinson summerhouses and log cabins throughout the UK.


Lugarde Prima Nadine
Georgian Glazing
one size, 17'x13' £7,293
  • Optional installation
  • Includes delivery
Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue Original
3 sizes, 8'x8' £2,865, 10'x10' £3,390, 12'x12' £4,827
  • Optional installation
  • Includes delivery
Prima Fifth Avenue Original
Double Doors
4 sizes eg 8'x8' £3,350, 10'x10' £3,875, 12'x12' £5,311
  • Optional installation
  • Includes delivery

Lugarde Summerhouses and Log Cabins feature elaborate log cabin designs which are ideal for use as attractive and comfortable summerhouses. The Lugarde Prima octagonal log cabins include sophisticated desisign features such as concealed metal corner posts. The Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue corner cabins feature a five sided design which is ideal for a corner location. Many other designs are available including apex or pent roof designs with verandahs and porches. Double glazing is included as standard with most Lugarde log cabins. We deliver Lugarde log cabins throughout most of England, Wales and Southern Scotland. We can also arrange installation in most areas. Detailed fitting instructions are supplied.


Solid Gazebos feature consistent high quality and affordable prices. We deliver Solid gazebos throughout most of England. The Solid Kiosk range of gazebos includes octagonal, hexagonal and rectangular gazebos. Solid gazebos are designed for DIY installation with detailed fitting instructions supplied.


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